1. Blueberry Creme tea latte! Made with ground blueberry powder from Finland. mmm!

  2. Just made zuchini potato soup with spicy bits of cauliflour and roasted nuts and Honey Beer bread from this recipe that actually was as easy as they said and tuned out perfectly! Iäm in serious danger of eating the whole loaf! I hope someone come home soon to assist/save me!

  3. my own made up recipe! organic chai masala muffins with creamy bourbon vanilla icing and a shower of edible flowers, beet sugar and ground cardamom. I made these for New Deli Yoga. come and get em!

  4. first side of our ladder shelf is up! made of an old ladder, found steel cable & shipping pallet wood

  5. Hailuoto, place and food I cooked for the visitors of the Wilderness art conference. 

  6. quinoa cakes with fruit and hibiscus-cranberry sauce & polenta patties with roated red pepper, avocado….  appies for the opening of the sound room art space on Hailuoto, Finland

  7. Frontierlab easter egg workshop at New Deli Yoga, Berlin. Onion skins, nylon stockings, plants, eggs, presto!

  8. I made these rosettes today! This recipe is apparently both Swedish and Mexican. This is the Mexi version because it has cinnamon and sugar, the Swedish ones would have white powdered sugar. I found the iron at the flea market with Puti-tina in Nordhausen and I had no idea what it was. It took me until now to realise it wasn’t German and to finally find a recipe.

  9. latest pasta necklace in gold and black, as requested by miss ERIKA. want one too?

  10. i finally made the nice chevron pasta necklace from Design Sponge. like it? like it more/less if I tell you the fur is from a cat? Cat fur was regularly sold for therapeutic reasons related to rheumatism until a couple years ago. I got a skin at a flea market for 1e in Weimar. a bit creepy, but I like to honour the animals by not just throwing them in the trash. what do you think about recycled furs?


  11. images of the beautiful cafe where I work as cook, in Berlin

  12. more abandoned Krankenhaus Weimar

  13. from Daoda’s video portrait from our workshop at DuoSolo dance festival in St.Louis, June, 2011

  14. new boxes of frontierlab cocos! well this is a special edition version I made from my friends at El Hada with real flower pieces, candied lavender and violet. These are larger boxes than before, with around 22 cocos. The small boxes still exist. New Deli Yoga sells them in Berlin and I will now look for more markets.

    taking order for the 2 sizes. I can also post them, they love to travel. just ask if you’re drooling. with or without flowers.

    reise/travel box (~6 cocos)

    urlab/vacation box (~22 cocos)

    All boxes of cocas are hand formed, 100% bio/organic ingredients and the packaging is handmade from little match boxes and vintage maps.

  15. frontierlab made a unicorn plum pie!