1. latest pasta necklace in gold and black, as requested by miss ERIKA. want one too?

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  5. i finally made the nice chevron pasta necklace from Design Sponge. like it? like it more/less if I tell you the fur is from a cat? Cat fur was regularly sold for therapeutic reasons related to rheumatism until a couple years ago. I got a skin at a flea market for 1e in Weimar. a bit creepy, but I like to honour the animals by not just throwing them in the trash. what do you think about recycled furs?

  6. sick thing from Proenza Schouler. make your own with this plan from Honestly WTF.

  7. today i was wearing one of the flower radiator knobs I found in the old hospital.

  8. I followed this super DIY by honestly…wtf¬†and made this nice necklace. I used a chain from an ugly old purse strap and a green string I found hanging around. any ideas for a recycled solution for the pompoms? im going to look for other nice textured materials.

  9. Margeau Lange jewellery